DER BLAUE REITER "Le paradise funebre... SOLD OUT


Formato: digiCD

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Caustic Records presents DER BLAUE REITER, long awaited new project of Sathorys Elenorth (Narsilion, Lugburz, Ordo Funebris) inspired by warlike ambiences impregnated with an apocalyptic martiality, where powerful percussions and majestic neoclassic passages are the protagonists of this new work, more than an hour of melancholic music replete of feelings and deep pain … Feel how the crying of a cold war, legacy of the past, stir itself in the tops of destruction of our last days, where the dreams are just a legend and the death is a dark reality … Industrial dark ambient for fans of Predella Avant, Sophia, Raison d'êtré, Triarii and Les joyaux de la princesse…