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CAUSTIC RECORDS presents “Electronic Manifesto”, a double CD compilation that tries to recover the spirit of the Electro-Industrial revolution forged at the end of 80´s and in the decade of 90´s, when the creativity, the interaction between the artist and the analogical and digital machines of musical creation, as well as the complexity and the necessary effort for the production, reached the maximum level. “Electronic Manifesto” borns from the colaboration between Pedro Peñas y Robles (HIV+) and Caustic Records, and it tries to be an homage to all these pioneers of the sinths and drum-machines, invoking again the spirit of the electro-industrial music masters for this project. Electronic music has been losing often his originality, his creativity and his dark soul; as a reply to the current electro scene, without capacity to surprise, always striking us with the same rythms, always the same presets of the same synths and lyrics without substance, we shout this manifest for being listened. (CD1)NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT, LAAG, MAURI, THE HACKER & HIV+, TERENCE FIXMER, PSYCHOSOMATIK, PSYCHE, CHRISTOPHER KAH, VOID KAMPF, PAIL, TANNHAUSER, GEISTFORM, LTNO. (CD 2)SPROG, SENSORIAL RESPONSE, EMBRYO, E.S.R, BRAIN LEISURE vs SKOYZ, HIV+ vs DEADCELL, DATARAPER, MIND NECROSIS FACTOR, QUANTIC CHURCH, ZAUBER, SPLATTERPUNK, EX_TENSION, TWINKLE vs SHIZUKA, K-BEREIT, MUCKRACKERS. ALL EXCLUSIVE TRACKS/ 28 EXCLUSIVE TRACKS!!!!!