FAYRIERIE "Michelia Campaka"


Formato: digiCD

10,00 €

Welcome to Fayrierie. There is a place some steps forward from the mondane. Perhaps where the wood starts, where you can feel the embrace of the Great Mother wrapping the spirit up. It is in this place where magic dwells, the one that shelters all art, where conscience wakes up and finds the gift of creation. It is in this hidden place where muses are born, the ones that inspire the soul of the world. Caustic Records presents the debut album of Fayrierie, -Michelia Campaka-. Neo-Dark-Fantastic-Folk interpreted with an outstanding technique and whose musical structure is formed by guitars and lyrics. Clean and spontaneous songs, supported by vocal and instrumental arrangements, that makes the sound of this duo unique, and that will make you discover the beauty of the sober and the essence of already forgotten perfumes. Luxury Digipack.