MASSIV IN MENSH "Meanwhile back in the jungle"

Massiv In Mensh

Formato: CD

13,00 €

A new Massiv In Mensch album is always a time to sit down, take a deep breath, and expect the unexpected. This German industrial/synthpop band is consistent in their inconsistency and retains Massiv In Mensch's tongue-in-cheek style. By far the biggest surprise is the collaboration with Mind.In.A.Box called “Supermassive Gravity”; a perfectly constructed electro-industrial track that you will play again and again! Consistently brilliant and never disappointing, Meanwhile, Back In The Jungle is the spanking the industrial scene needs badly! After four studio albums, several digital-only singles, and a contribution to Artoffact’s Uturn series, Massiv in Mensch turn up the heat on Meanwhile Back in the Jungle, their fifth and wildest release to date. Without question, what we have here is the zaniest, most psychedelic, and hardest to describe collection of techno-tongue-in-cheekiness that you will ever have the happy luck to position in your CD player–or slide onto your iPod. Featuring what is already a worldwide club-hit, the magic collaboration between Massiv in Mensch and Mind.A.In.Box on Supermassive Gravity, Meanwhile Back in the Jungle dangles its goods and keeps you lured in. Massiv in Mensch never take themselves too seriously, and their incredible sense of humour shows on tracks such as Pink Dream and the absolutely essential Hou Je Bek Vuile Teef. But followers of Nietzsche might do a double-take as Massiv in Mensch gets right into the circle of power on Powerful (though who knows, maybe they mean the dancefloor?!), and connoisseurs of electronic thrills and spills will bet the farm on Never Trust The Outline and Ikonoklast! The influence of Scooter, Utah Saints, KLF, and Beastie Boys is all over this record, as are sounds as diverse as Apoptygma Berzerk and Ashtrayhead (remember that awesome release?). As usual, Massiv in Mensch dive headfirst into the cauldron of chaos and never come up for air!