ONIRIC "Cabaret syndrome"


Formato: CD

13,00 €

Oniric is an italian project founded/started in 2005. Oniric was formed / founded by Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro). From the start their first spontaneous and artistic meeting the resulting compositions where ethereal, dreaming and inspirational. The combination of Carlo's Sad Chords and smooth dark sound and GianVigo's sonorous and contemplative melodies in the first works created an intimate and nostalgic feel. After a very long and intensive period of live shows and with the collaboration of Simona Giusti in recording sessions and also after several radio broadcasts the Duo were signed to the Caustic Records label at the beginning of 2009. The dream like journey now begins with the release of "Cabaret Syndrome". The first Album by Oniric is a melodic exploration dressed in a nostalgic style, touched by the penetrating veil of decadence. Both Apocalyptic and futuristic-retro Folk atmospheres combine into the air as if to open celestial gates while passing over them before vanishing into the Ether carried on the air of long forgotten times.... This release is a must for fans of Spiritual Front, Argine, Rome, Calle della Morte..