PLASMODIVM "The Post Modern Prometheus"


Formato: CD

10,00 €

After the excellent worldwide reception of his debut "Paradise under Fire" Plasmodivm comes back with "The Post-Modern Prometheus", a non-comformist, defiant and fresh work, which combines part of the trend started in his previous work, with more melodic elements, both at vocal and musical levels. More than repeating schemes and structures, he offers surprising results beyond the present stagnant electro-dark scene. A record whose position, mixture of influences, sound power, use of film-samplings and excellent production, locates it between bands like Velvet Acid Christ, Wumpscut, Leaether Strip, Suicide Commando and others, more melodic, like SITD, Solitary Experiments, Destroid or Assemblage 23. Get ready for this new sonic mutation of the Plasmodivm virus, against which, we, from Caustic Records, do not recommend vaccination