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Caustic Records presents “Places”. “Places" is an ambitious project in which converge music, image and lyrics. "Places" is a compilation of first-order bands encompassed within Neo-folk sounds, Dark Folk, have created an exclusive work (exclusive, unreleased, exclusive mix ...) starting with the inspiration / feelings / sensations arising from the artist by a close place. Each song is accompanied by one or more photos of the actual place in which it was inspired. The compilation is presented in a deluxe digipack in DVD format with 16 pages booklet and every work is presented with the photograph, text and information related to the place. ALL SONGS ARE EXCLUSIVE, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED OR UNRELEASED MIXES. Bandlist: 1.Darkwood, 2.Sturmpercht, 3.Falkenstein, 4.Argine, 5.Sieben, 6.Har Belex, 7.Strydwolf, 8.Sangre de Muerdago, 9.Oniric, 10.Fragile, 11.Majdanek Waltz, 12.Fayrierie, 13.Hiperborei, 14.Stillme