DER BLAUE REITER "Contaminated"


Formato: Ltd. Box

36,00 €

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the band's formation, Caustic Records releases this exclusive edition limited to 300 copies, presented in a luxurious collector's box that includes the band's first three albums, booklet and a commemorative metallic pin with Der Blaue Reiter logo.

In addition to everything mentioned previously, the edition has five additional tracks, with parts from old demos, as well as other songs never edited to date, making this edition a true gem for fans of the band. 30 minutes of exclusive extra material !!!! 

The first album "Le Paradise Funebre .... L'envers de la Tristesse "has been sold out for years and is a desired collectors item.  The laters " Silencis "and" Nuclear sun "are equally sold out, so this will be the last chance to have these first three works in physical format, presented in this new apocalyptic edition, which will surely mark the end of our days ...