CORDE OBLIQUE "Mille Anni Che Sto Qui" (vinyl 7" limited to 200)


Formato: Vinyl 7"

10,00 €

First time for Corde Oblique on vinyl, and first remix for the band! Two unreleased songs: "Itri" was only released in digital, but the Vinyl format gives the chance to listen to the song in the best way ever, featuring the band's main vocalist Annalisa Madonna.

The other song "I Sassi di Matera" is an exclusive remix made by the producer Salvio Vassallo using fragments of recordings the original version's instruments, included in the album "I Maestri del Colore" and featuring the Denitza Seraphim, singer from Irfan.

Songs are very evocative, they are inspired by two medieval towns of southern italy. The title "Mille anni che sto qui" (in english: "I have been living here for a thousand of years") is from a novel by Mariolina Venezia that has been a big inspiration for the composer Riccardo Prencipe, in his songs southern Italy is conceived like a wild-talented woman.