Formato: digiCD

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Caustic Records presents “Mârs”, the new album from the Apocalyptic Folk/Pop project Ô Paradis led by Demián Recio.

A trip through the dirtiest, most convinced and most beautiful Ô Paradis. Mârs, the title of the album, only needs eight tracks to win us over and seduce us with a work that is very self-aware.

All the songs have war and pandemic titles, perhaps to drop a stage behind the intimacy of their little stories, or perhaps because all the "guilds" use different "jargons" to hide the same miseries and it doesn't matter if they change places.

Musically, it is the most coherent album of the project. Old influences persist, but they do so as echoes of a memory, the intention to conquer new territories continues to exist, but respecting the will of the pieces and it is a fresh proposal despite, according to the author, having reconstructed the sound several times and discarded many topics until finding the sought expression.

This new album is probably the darkest, most visceral and most compact work by Ô Paradis in recent years. In it we can find acoustic and electric instruments, samples, strings, melancholy, passion, shadows, darkness and light.

Ô Paradis continue to amaze us with their unique and personal sound that combines experimental Pop with the darkest and most apocalyptic folk.

Demian is a composer who cannot escape from himself and who, accompanied by cellist Sara Guri, who also adds female voices, a viola da gamba and even an erhu, turns his obsessions into virtues and his dark music into hope.