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HIV+ "Overdose Kill me" (CD)
Reference: CRR013

After four albums very appreciated by the public as well as by the international dark press-media, and after a lot of collaborations and remixes (for Hocico, Sonar, Glis or Tamtrum among others) this Spanish artist who lives in France has created an industrial universe which has its roots in the more insane part of the human mind. With this new album Pedro Pe˝as y Robles explores his favorite topics: the madness, the desire, the contamination, the drugs or the death, collaborating with the Swiss musician STENDECK and allowing remixes by the great Saverio Evangelista (member of ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO/MSB) as well as by electro dark scene bands like OBSZÍN GESCHÍPF, NÍVÍ and DATARAPER. This excellent new album enters into complex universes of SKINNY PUPPY, DOWNLOAD or GRIDLOCK, without forgetting the rhythm n'noise structures that give his own personality to this artist. The album contains a video with two songs extracted from the HIV+ live at INFEST 2005.

Company:Caustic Records
(Price 13,00 € )

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