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SPLATTERPUNK "Channel 83" (CD)
Reference: CRR022

The future is now, absolutely every single prediction of the cyberpunk movement have been fulfilled turning the world we live in it's totality. If you are not a zombie you have already realized this. Welcome to the reflection of the disaster. Born under the bar codes oppression we keep going with firm steps towards a world in which simulation is more important than the truth. Big corporations have drowned us, and a rebellion in the networks seem to be the last resource to get to the explicit freedom. UNIX warriors get their weapons ready... Front Line Assembly hacked by Chicago’s acid-house, electro music touched by the hand of Belgium’s new beat, Front 242 and Max Headroom copulating and Afrika Bambatta and Skinny Puppy kissing each other under neo- Tokyo’s light. New age old school. Includes the remix of Ascii.disko 'xxx terminator (total destruction and reconstruction by Ascii.disko)'.

Company:Caustic Records
(Price 13,00 € )

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